Eagles历史上最好的单曲《Those Shoes》[FLAC格式]

所属专辑《The Very Best Of》

这张双CD精选收录了The Eagles乐队历史上最好的33首单曲,涵盖了乐队的各个时期的作品,几乎等于那两张经典精选集《Eagles: Their Greatest Hits 1971-1975》和《Greatest Hits, Volume II》的一个合集,对于那些喜爱The Eagles乐队的歌迷来说这简直就是一张梦幻般的专辑,而随专辑一起附赠的DVD更是浓缩了整个The Eagles乐队历史上许多精彩的瞬间。专辑基本上是按照歌曲的年代顺序排列的,引人注目的《Hotel California》被十分巧妙的安排在了第一张CD的最后一首,而在第二张专辑则拥有《Heartache Tonight》和《I Can't Tell You Why》这两首70年代末的经典作品,使两张CD保持了非常微妙的平衡,而没有使那些精品中的精品太过集中。只不过这张精选中的歌曲全部是重新录制的录音室版,对于相当一部分中国歌迷来说,现场版的《Hotel California》的氛围,以及即兴的吉他发挥,可能更有吸引力一些。

Tell us what you're gonna do tonight mama 

There must be someplace you can go

In the middle of the tall drinks and the drama 

There must be someone you know 

God knows you're lookin' good enough 

But you're so smooth and the world's so rough 

You might have somethin' to loose 

Oh no pretty mama what you gonna

Do in those shoes 

Got those pretty little straps around your ankles

Got those shiny little chains around your heart 

You go to have your independence

But you don't know just where to start 

Desperation in the singles bars

An' all those jerkoffs in their fancy cars 

You can't believe your reviews 

Oh no you can't do that 

Once you started wearin' those shoes

They're lookin' at you leanin' on you

Tell you anything you want to hear

They give you tablets of love

They're waiting for you

Got to score you

Handy with a shovel and so sincere

Ooh they got the kid glove

You just want someone to talk to

They just wanna get their hands on you

You get whatever you choose

Oh no you can't do that 

Once you started wearin' those shoes 

Oh no you can't do that 

Once you started wearin' those shoes


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