Eagles销量突破五百万张的作品《In The City》[FLAC格式]

所属专辑:Hell Freezes Over

1990年开始,Don Henley又开始和Glenn Frey一起进行音乐创作,并且时常参与Joe Walsh和Timothy B. Schmit的演出,但是他们从未一同演出过,乐队也一直没有重新复合。直到1994年,The Eagles乐队在解散了长达12年之后终于再次结合在了一起,他们开始在MTV电视台录制节目,并且展开了长达两年时间的世界巡回演唱会,其间录制发行了第二张现场专辑《Hell Freezes Over》迅速成为了排行榜的冠军,并且销量突破了五百万张。

somewhere out there on that horizon 

out beyond the neon lights 

i know there must be something better 

but theres nowhere else in sight 

its survival in the city 

when you live from day to day 

city streets dont have much pity 

when youre down, thats where youll stay 

in the city, oh, oh. 

in the city 

i was born here in the city 

with my back against the wall 

nothing grows, and life aint very pretty 

no ones there to catch you when you fall 

somewhere out on that horizon 

faraway from the neon sky 

i know there must be something better 

and i cant stay another night 

in the city, oh, oh. 

in the city


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